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Biographie A scaffold is a temporary structure erected to support access or working platforms. Scaffolds are commonly used in construction work so workers have a safe, stable work platform when work cannot be done at ground level or on a finished floor.

Scaffolding means the individual components, for example tubes, couplers or frames and materials that when assembled form a scaffold. Scaffolding is classified as plant under Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act.

Scaffolding work is erecting, altering or dismantling a temporary structure erected to support a platform and from which a person or object could fall more than 4 metres from the platform or the structure. Scaffolding work must be undertaken by a person holding the appropriate class of high risk work licence. This definition applies whenever the term 'scaffolding work' is used in this Guide.

When we talk about scaffolds in a room of laymen, they could be mistaken for the scaffolding used for buildings. However, understanding the concepts of scaffolding in building and construction could help us to better understand scaffolds.

According to Wikipedia, A scaffold "is a temporary structure used to support a work crew and materials to aid in the construction, maintenance, and repair of buildings, bridges, and all other man-made structures". In mobile application development, the Scaffold class implements the basic material design visual layout structure. This class provides APIs for showing drawers, snack bars, and bottom sheets. In simpler terms, scaffolds are like a structure defined by a framework that contains the basic elements needed to build a user interface(UI). Scaffold stood for a parent frame that holds a host of other elements used to build a mobile application.

I love to explain terms using food as I think that people relate to food more than building and construction. So, I will relate scaffolds to cake. When you bake, buy, or eat a cake, you (usually) have a variety of options to choose from, but taste, color, shape, and occasion all determine what cake you choose.

However, chefs and bakers know that certain basic ingredients are needed before all the fancy ingredients can come in. These ingredients are flour and water, which set a background for the eggs, baking powder, and flavors to come in. These “extra ingredients” allow the pastry chef to customize, style, and bake to suit the occasion. The scaffold widget allows one to customize pages in an app by providing frame/base ingredients. After we declare the scaffold, we can tap into its API to utilize the other children widgets within.

Of cource, there are many different kinds of Scaffold, such as Aluminum Scaffold Tower, Multifunction Scaffold, Single Width Scaffold, Double Width Scaffold, Systems Scaffold, etc. And scaffold must be used together with other accessories like Aluminum Truss Beam, Scaffold Plank including All Aluminum Plank, Aluminum Plywood Plank, and Aluminum Ladder, etc. 
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